Rusty Board House Groms Shred Trestles

The Rusty Board House team harbors some of the best young up and coming surfers in the La Jolla region and these groms were foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to surf Trestles. The RBH Team put on an impressive display at the world renowned cobble stone break and put a plethora of Rusty Surfboard models to the test. Check out the images below to see what ensued:

_mg_8032The wrong side of the tracks

_mg_8038Owen, fish out of water

_mg_8044RBH Groms frothing

_mg_83111Lucas throwing shuv-its on his SCREAMER

_mg_8445Blow tail by Jacob on the GTR Squash

_mg_8337Fano was doing these all day on his Redline Squash

_mg_8324Tristen lets loose on his all new Dozer

_mg_8218Will on rail riding the Redline Round

_mg_8408Owen gouging on his GTR Round

_mg_8429RBH Team Manager, Ryan Schnell, shows the groms how it's done on his new Hustler

_mg_8360 RBH Shop Manager, Garret Scurr, won't let the groms have all the fun. Scurr on the Dozer.

Text and Photos: Brody

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Shortboard Commercial on

Have a sneak peak at the Rusty Surfboards shortboard commercial featured onĀ

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Rusty Demos Boards at the US Championships

The U.S. Championships were held at Huntington Beach and the finals took place on Saturday in clean and peaky shoulder to head high surf south of the Pier. The fun and rippable waves were a pleasant surprise for a Huntington surf contest, however, next year's US Championships will be held at Trestles (SIMA just obtained the permit!). Rusty Surfboards was on site with a fully stocked quiver of demo boards...Toads, Dwarts, Hustlers, Piranhas, Redlines, you name it. Everyone who took out a board had a hard time returning them, "This thing goes insane!" announced one content Dwart rider. Keep your eyes on RUSTY.COM to find out about the next surfboard demo near you!


Eric and Charlyn Holding Down The Fort




Serious Shredding At The U.S. Championships


At Least It Wasn't Crowded


Huge Tail Blow

Photos: Brody

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Board of the Week: The Hustler


Speed and maneuverability are what this board is about. With it's narrower nose and hard wing swallow tail, The Hustler is the next step after a fish and just might be the missing link in your quiver...

The combination of the venturi bottom and the quad fin set-up accompanied with enhanced volume gives this board contemporary capabilities in most wave conditions you encounter...

Head over to the board page for more info!