Couch Surfing in Hawaii with Hunter

San Diego stand out, Hunter Lysaught, spent the last month and a half house hopping and couch surfing on the North Shore. Hunter doesn't care where he lies his head, as long as he gets a few waves under his feet...

photos: Paradise

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Hunter Lysaught Punts on his GTR Swallow

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, keeps busy lobbing backside punts in San Diego County.

Photo: Aaron Schall

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Hunter Smashes Panama on his Rusty R-1

Video: Eric Derman
Edit: Brian Mulvihill

On the Road: Hunter Lysaught

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, is pretty much living out of his board bag now-a-days. Good thing he knows what to pack at... with a 6'6" Traveler for camping in the tube, a custom 5'11" R-1 Shortboard with a thumb tail for when the waves are good- but not huge, and a 5'9" Jokerr for making the most out of groveling conditions, and a few pairs of boardies- Hunter is pretty set to tackle any situation that presents itself, whether it is competitions, free surfing, or just living. From Puerto, to England, to France, to Virginia... Hunter always has a one way ticket going somewhere to harness his skills. Free surfing on his 5'11":

Sequence: Casey Rossi

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Hunter Lysaught featured in EarWax- Sea Movies

EARWAX - Sea Movies from

Watch Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, let loose in Central America with fellow San Diegan, Austin Ware...

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Hunter Lysaught Keep Busy

Hunter Lysaught has been a busy guy as of lately... he has been in and out of the country for contests and photo trips and when he is in town he grinds away on the local circuits... Here are a few photos of Hunter blowing up at the K5 event this last weekend at D Street, Encinitas.

Photos: Tom

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Hunter Graduates College and Enrolls in the WQS

Congratulations to Rusty Surfboard team rider, Hunter Lysaught, who just finished his last college final yesterday!  When Hunter was asked what he plans on doing with his degree in Business Administration he replied, "Surf professionally".  Makes sense.  Hunter is a smart kid a he knew that he wanted to obtain his college degree so he can have that to fall back on and he has been the captain of the Point Loma Nazarene Surf Team for the duration of his college career,  but now that school is out of the way he can focus on putting all of his energy into battling it out on the WQS.  "I knew if I didn't go to school right away I could easily get sucked into never wanting to go back, but I figured it would be smarter to get my degree out of the way first.  I didn't really plan on competing when I graduated, but I have been doing really well in the collegiate series and the job market is pretty meager at the moment, so I don't really have a lot to lose." In a few short weeks he is off to Mazatlan to compete, followed by a string of travel and competitions.  We wish Hunter all the best in his endeavors...

Ripping Through College with Hunter Lysaught

The 2010-11 NSSA West Coast College Team season came to a close with event #4 on Monday, January 17 at D St in Encinitas.  The college competitors were greeted with super fast steep lefts and rights from a west/northwest swell.  The size ranged anywhere from 2-6 feet with some bigger sets coming through.  Conditions were clean and glassy all day with summer like weather.  Twenty college teams were on hand to enjoy the day... (more at

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, put on a very solid performance all day long and wound up on the winners podium with a second place!  Congrats to Hunter for ripping his way through college!

"This was our last regular season event before States and Nationals.  The Redline roundtail works insane!  One of the best boards I have... I keep it on ice and bring it out only for comps because it is lethal!"

-Hunter Lysaught

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Hunter Lysaught Takes Third at NSSA State Championships

Rusty team rider and Point Loma Nazarene Team Captain, Hunter Lysaught, clenched a third place finish as an individual and his points bumped his team into third place over all at the recent NSSA State Championships. Click here for all the details from the event...

Hunter bringing home the cheddar. Photo: Brody

Hunter going vertical. Photo: Garcia

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Sequence of the Week: Hunter Lysaught at Trestles

Hunter chucking tail at the playground known as Uppers...






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