Doomas Winter Round Innersection

Unfortunately it didn't make the cut but still a bunch of sick surfing

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Frame Grab: Jamie Sterling

Jamie Sterling is at it again... Here is frame grab from Sterls' Go Pro video clip where he is undeniably getting shacked out of his mind.

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Nate Yeomans Goes Bananas

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Nate on the two faces of Pipeline

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Check out Kevin Sullivan's all new website at:

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Kevin Sullivan Scores the Wave of the Day at Honolua Bay

Time and time again Rusty team rider, Kevin Sullivan, turns heads when Maui's famed Honolua Bay turns on.  Click the image below to check out Kevin Sullivan get drained in's recent Hawaii swell feature.

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Kalani Chapman’s 9’0″ Gun

When the North Shore gets big and windy Kalani Chapman knows his favorite board to grab...his Rusty 9'0" Gun. Chapman cashes in on a few pre-Thanksgiving bombs and the cameras love it.

"I basically wanted to catch as many waves as possible. The waves were big and it was pretty windy. I just felt really comfortable on it. Throughout all the years of surfing Pipe you gotta learn what works and what doesn't, and I've learned that bigger boards work. So that's what I went for and it worked out. That board is sick. I wouldn't change anything about it. Hopefully some more big swells come so I can do that again."

-Kalani Chapman

Photography by: Tyler Cuddy

For more check out SURFLINE.COM

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Kalani Chapman Up for “Wave of the Winter”

Surfline has a new challenge for the Hawaiian season called "Wave of the Winter," it is pretty self explanatory really... the best wave of the winter during Surfline's six week stint on the North Shore takes the cake. Rusty Surfboards team rider, Kalani Chapman, is making big moves early in the season and already has a wave in the running. Click here to check out this heroic ride...

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The North Shore Comes to Life

After a summer of lying dormant the North Shore of Oahu finally roared to life! Locals were calling it 10-15' Hawaiian which means it was full on. With Pipe breaking Kalani Chapman, Jamie Sterling, and more than a handful of other chargers from around the globe threw themselves over the ledge on this season opener...

Kalani Chapman. Photo: Bielmann

Kalani Chapman. Photo: Brent

Jamie Sterling. More photos and footage at

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Winter in Review: Hawaii Highlights

Check out some photos from the Rusty team's stint in Hawaii in our More Hawaii Highlights Photo Gallery!

Jay Davies

Josh Kerr

Marlon Gerber

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