OSSC Hawaii: Rusty Demo

The Hawaii stop of OSSC/Rusty Demo went off this year in 3-4 foot Bowls. T&C took home the title this year with a dominate performance from Travis Hashimoto, Geoff Wong, Dustin Quizon and Kekoa "Bam Bam" Bacalso. Pipe Dreams took the runner up slot with Hi-Tech coming in third and defending champs HIC taking fourth. Contest goers were stoked on the boards with demos going on all day. The Slackerrr and Bali Single were the top attention grabbers of the weekend.

K E R R – H A W A I I

Josh Kerr in Hawaii 2011 / 12

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Couch Surfing in Hawaii with Hunter

San Diego stand out, Hunter Lysaught, spent the last month and a half house hopping and couch surfing on the North Shore. Hunter doesn't care where he lies his head, as long as he gets a few waves under his feet...

photos: Paradise

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Hawaiian Diaries Ep3

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Hawaiian Diaries Ep 2

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Kalani’s Gun Rack

What happens when you win the "Wave of the Winter" competition in the 2010/2011 season? You get a fat stack of Rusty Guns for the 2011/2012 Season. Just ask Kalani Chapman...

photo: Brody

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A new batch of Bali Singles are making their way to the North Shore for the boys from the big guy with love. The boys don't know this surprise is coming yet so, shhhh. Mum's the word...

Photo: Brody

Kerr Stomps a 9.7 in Haleiwa!

Kerr claims the highest score of the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa (thus far) with a 9.7 and gets himself entered into the "Hawaiian Airlines Air of the Event" contest for a chance to win a bucket load of flyer miles! With only a few more rounds to go, that boost will be hard to beat...

For more coverage from the event have a look at Surfline.com.
Photo: Corey Wilson

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Our dude Barron Mamiya, is E{ freaking }LEVEN and is this cool! By land & by sea, we are backing his stee. Peep him here on his crew's  Surfline feature... { click here , duh! }

In a conversation with his mom (Megan) the other evening I asked if he still wore the same size trunks for his next order and he yelled out in the background, "yeah Mom same size, please tell L J, nothing below the knee!" HA!! Love your work kid!

All Photos: by our homey Corey Wilson { thank you dudeman! }

Catching up With Nate Yeomans

What have you been up to these last few months?
Well, I’ve been on the road since February. Started off in Hawaii for that pipe contest, then I was off to Oz, New Zealand, Bali for the Rusty team shoot, Brazil, Lowers and I just came back from Portugal. Next stop, is Costa Rica to shoot some more surfing for Rusty’s Single Life?

Tell us a little bit about the Single Life?
It’s a surf movie that’s blending modern surfing on retro single fins. I’ve seen Kerr pull some mental maneuvers on a single fin.

Have any crazy stories from the road?
Yeah, I got one from Brazil. So I was just chillin’ drinking my acai drink and this lifeguard in a speedo body slams this kid, that looked like he was 16, right on his head like 5 feet from me. It was crazy cause the kid was bleeding but no one around even took a second look. Grom abuse!

Who have you been traveling around with?
Pat Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Dylan Graves, Austin Ware, Damien Hobgood, and Gabe Kling. Good fun on the road with those guys.

Any advice for the surfer trying to turn Pro?
Yeah, it's a dog eat dog contest mentality out there. If you think your gonna cruise through the comps, you'll learn really quick that it takes more to make it. So, learn from your losses and appreciate the wins.

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