Jojo Roper Catches Bombs in Puerto

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jojo Roper, really stepped off the deep end this time. You have to be pretty nuts to want to chase down waves like the one featured; Jojo proves sometimes a little bit of crazy is a good thing...

Puerto Escondido's local photographer, Edwin Morales, was there (as always) to capture Jojo on this beast of wave. If you have not noticed, Edwin is the man down at Puerto Escondido... if you see a great image of Puerto, it was probably taken by Edwin. To see more of his photography visit

To see more of Jojo and other Puerto Escondido Chargers check out this video clip featured on ESPN:

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Kalani Chapman’s 9’0″ Gun

When the North Shore gets big and windy Kalani Chapman knows his favorite board to grab...his Rusty 9'0" Gun. Chapman cashes in on a few pre-Thanksgiving bombs and the cameras love it.

"I basically wanted to catch as many waves as possible. The waves were big and it was pretty windy. I just felt really comfortable on it. Throughout all the years of surfing Pipe you gotta learn what works and what doesn't, and I've learned that bigger boards work. So that's what I went for and it worked out. That board is sick. I wouldn't change anything about it. Hopefully some more big swells come so I can do that again."

-Kalani Chapman

Photography by: Tyler Cuddy

For more check out SURFLINE.COM

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Rusty Fills the Gun Rack

With one of the most rewarding winters, wave wise, in the last several years there has been plenty of demand for big wave boards.  Whether it is creating a duplicate of a board that met its demise, shaping a first gun for a grom with a newly lit fire in his belly, or crafting a beautiful sled for a notorious XXL hell man, Rusty has been putting in the hours in the shaping bay to make sure everyone is properly equipped for their next strike mission...


Rusty shapes a board for big wave legend, Garret McNamara...


Photos by: Brody

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Board Tales with Bird: Go-To Gun


San Diego legend and South Coast Surf Shop Owner Eric "Bird" Huffman has one of the largest and most eclectic surfboard collections and he was kind enough to let us take a sneak peak at a few of his prize Rusty Surfboards that he could never let go of...


This week we'll have a look at Bird's Go-To Gun shaped by Rusty.

Dimensions: 7'6" x 18.65" x 2.5"

"He built that for me in May of 1990. That board was pretty much my standard gun. It works surprisingly loose! We we're working on fins at the time and we still pretty much use the same fin system today on my longer boards. The trailing fin is a little bit longer than the side fins. I cluster my fins a little bit tighter together and I decrease my entry rocker and Rusty has always worked with me really, really well on that one. The flames were done by Peter St.Pierre over at Moonlight Glassing. That board has been with me everywhere...from Fiji to Hawaii back in the day. Then I sold it! I sold it to Marty Vaughn from P.B. Point. He rode it until he destroyed it! He gave it back to me with one fin on it and figured I would never ride it again, but it was such a good board that I had to restore it. I took over to Roper's and had him patch it up and put the fins back on it. It might not look it, but this board still finds it way in the water from time to time."


Check back for more "Board Tales with Bird"

- Bird

Photos: Brody

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The Art of Shaping: Rusty’s Agave Gun


The "Billabong Art of Shaping Event" will be taking place September 10th - 11th at ASR in San Diego and Rusty is one of the coveted San Diego shapers that has been invited to create a board for this event...

The concept of the "Billabong Art of Shaping Event" is simple: it is a venue to showcase the talent of San Diego surfboard shapers and craftsmen by allowing them to build boards that highlight their particular contribution or influence on the evolution of the surfboard over a particular span in time. Shapers are invited and encouraged to "create a board representing the era, style, or shape they are best known for or relate to," or simply whatever best motivates their creativity and talent.


A few notes from Rusty about the board he custom built for the event:

-8'0" 201/4" by 2 7/8"

-Round pin single fin, similar to what I would have ridden at good double overhead Blacks in the mid to late 70's, perhaps modernized a little.

-Agave is a local San Diego wood. Larry Fuller helped assemble the blank.

-John Cherry fin.

-The glassing was done by Diamond.

Kudos to all for the help. I hope it's new owner waxes it up and takes it for a spin!



Billabong's Royce Cansler waits patiently as Rusty puts the finishing touches on the Agave Gun


Rusty has a hard time letting go of this beauty...

Text and Photos: Brody