Board of the Week: The Dwart



The Dwart was created to be the board for 90% of the waves we surf. It's been successfully surfed on aves from 1 - 10 ft and this thing rips! Its high volume design allows it to be ridden much shorter and it is fast, skatie, and highly maneuverable. Also, The Dwart is available with a 5 fin configuration that gives it even more range, being surfed as a quad or tri.

Recommended Sizes:
5'4" X 20" X 2.5"
5'6" X 20.25" X 2 5/6"
5'8" X 20.5" X 2 6/2"
5'10" X 20.75" X 2.7"
6'0" X 21.25" X 2 8/7"
6'2" X 21.5" X 2 8/7"

The DWART can be ordered with any dimensions

For more info head over to the boards page for more info!