The T-Dwart is a narrower thinner version of the original Dwart, coupling a performance rail and slightly more rocker. In addition, the double wing round tail produces a quicker more agile surfboard. The board works perfect in the smaller and more challenging conditions, and is easy to whip around. Most ride the T-Dwart 3-6 inches shorter then their standard shortboard.

For more information or to check out all the shapes visit our surfboards section by clicking here.

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Rusty Surfboards Demo Presented by Pride Surf and Skate was a Huge Success

Tons of local surfers and Rusty Surfboards enthusiasts flocked to the shores of Ocean Beach on Saturday morning to attend the Rusty Surfboards Demo presented by Pride Surf and Skate.  Several Rusty tents, along with a FCS tent to try various fins, were set up in front of Avalanche Jetty and, although the waves were not super clean, there were some fun sized corners coming through- making it a great day to demo Rusty Surfboard models in average California surf.  Have a look at some event pics below...

The ultimate quiver







Photos: Brody

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Rusty Surfboard Demo presented by Rebublik of Kalifornia

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Kris Hopkins using the Dwart Texas style.

Photos by Mark Devillier

Holly Beck’s 5’4″ Dwart

Let me introduce you to my little friend. This is my Rusty 5'4" Dwart. It's full dimensions are 5'4" x 19.85 x 2.05. It has four fins, and it likes to fly.

"I didn't always like quads. I thought they were fast, but for some reason I didn't like the way they felt when hitting lip. I used to think a solid off the top on a quad didn't feel like it had the same satisfying *smack* that I would get from a thruster. Now that i've gotten used to the feeling of the quad, the speed and looseness has more than made up for anything I used to think was lacking. It's a perfect small wave board, but lately I've been riding it in hollow waves too. The short little board can take off so late and just drop straight into the tube."

-Holly Beck



Photos: Chris Grant at Jetty Girl

Jay Davies Shreds The Dwart

Jay Davies was spotted laying it down on his new Dwart! The double wing round tail makes it easy for Jay to go rail to rail and the stubby design help maximize his wave count.  The Dwart is very versatile and is great for getting critical on, under, or above the lip...






Photos: Brody

Shortboard Commercial on MyLocalLineup.com

Have a sneak peak at the Rusty Surfboards shortboard commercial featured on  MyLocalLineUp.com

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The Dwart: Presented by Shayne McIntyre in West Africa

On Surfari + West Africa + Dwart from Shayne McIntyre on Vimeo.

Check out how the Dwart tackles the West African point breaks, handling anything from waist high to well over head...

Make sure to check out On Surfari and Fuel TV for the full episode airing in February...

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The Dwart in Liberia

Shayne McIntyre demonstrates the versatility of the new Rusty Surfboard model, The Dwart, in West Africa by surfing the little 5'8" surfboard in everything from fast and racy to well overhead!




All Photos: Brody

Check back soon for the "Dwart in Liberia" surfboard video...

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Rusty Demos Boards at the US Championships

The U.S. Championships were held at Huntington Beach and the finals took place on Saturday in clean and peaky shoulder to head high surf south of the Pier. The fun and rippable waves were a pleasant surprise for a Huntington surf contest, however, next year's US Championships will be held at Trestles (SIMA just obtained the permit!). Rusty Surfboards was on site with a fully stocked quiver of demo boards...Toads, Dwarts, Hustlers, Piranhas, Redlines, you name it. Everyone who took out a board had a hard time returning them, "This thing goes insane!" announced one content Dwart rider. Keep your eyes on RUSTY.COM to find out about the next surfboard demo near you!


Eric and Charlyn Holding Down The Fort




Serious Shredding At The U.S. Championships


At Least It Wasn't Crowded


Huge Tail Blow

Photos: Brody

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