NSSA Easterns…


Although the morning's glassy conditions were eventually chopped up by a southerly afternoon breeze, hundreds of surfers competed in 23 divisions for a chance to surf in the NSSA National Championships in June in California.

"I was a little worried about waves on my way here," said NSSA Executive Director Janice Aragon, who drove a truck and trailer full of scaffolding and equipment from California last week. "So I couldn't believe Friday was the day this swell arrived. And once the wind died this morning, it was so clean. You don't see Sebastian Inlet like this very often."
Those glassy conditions gave contestants from Florida to Maine the opportunity to showcase their skills over four days.

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Explorer Boys
1. Cam Richards
2. Pat Schmidt
3. Corey Howell
4. Noah Schweizer
5. Sam Duggan
6. Knox Harris

Explorer Juniors
1. Balaram Stack
2. Evan Thompson
3. Frank Roper
4. Fisher Heverly
5. Tayler Brothers
6. Peter Polanski

Explorer Men
1. Nick Rupp
2. Balaram Stack
3. Tayler Brothers
4. Frank Roper
5. Cole Richards
6. Kedren Ferrero

Open Juniors
1. Evan Geiselman
2. Mikey Ciaramella
3. Dylan Kowalski
4. Cam Richards

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Corey And Tayler Split The Prize Money


It was almost a picture-perfect day as thousands flocked to the beach to enjoy the finals of the 45th annual Ron Jon Easter Surf Festival on Sunday at the Cocoa Beach Pier. However, one crucial ingredient was missing -- waves.

After delaying the the Pro and Jr pro finals from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., it became apparent the conditions would not improve enough to be worthy of running the Ron Jon Surf Shop $5,000 Men's Pro/Am .

"The waves were just not good enough to contest these finals and judge them fairly," said tournament co-organizer Dick Catri. "So we decided to split the prize money between 6 surfers," 2 of which were Rusty team riders Corey Howell and Tayler Brothers who both made the Pro and Jr Pro finals.

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