Ryland Rubens claims 1st at WSA West Coast Championships

Super Grom Ryland Rubens stands tall...

Ryland took home the 12 and under  1st place trophy at the WSA - West Coast Championships at Churches this last weekend.  He finished the WSA season in 1st with most points overall, in 5 events he took  3-1st place finishes, a 3rd, and 4th.  He now automatically qualifies for the limited slots for the Surfing America USA Championships at Lowers in June... Big congratulations to Ryland from the crew at Rusty Surfboards.

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Corey Howell

Since the end of March, Corey been in 5 contests. The first two, DNA Jr. Pro and Surfing America Prime, didn't go as planned and he didn't make it to the finals. However, in NSSA East Coast Championships, Corey got my mind straight and he went for broke. Corey won the Explorer Jrs., placed 3rd in Open Men, and 4th in Open Jrs. The following weekend, he traveled to St. Augustine for ESA's Southeast Regionals where he won Jr. Men. Corey also won Ron Jon Easter Fest's Jr Pro division at Cocoa Beach Pier.

"I have to say, there's nothing like seeing your picture on ESM or an article on you in the newspaper after a good weekend of surfing" - Corey Howell

Nice work Corey. YEW!

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