Rusty has partnered with the Keep A Breast Foundation to release a collaboration that will be available for delivery for National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. This collaboration consists of limited edition mens and juniors tees and Wired Series fleece.

Rusty will donate $1 for every unit sold of this collaboration back to Keep A Breast. In addition, Rusty will feature the KAB collaboration in Surfer, Transworld, Skateboarder, Surfline, Facebook, and for the October time frame.

The goal of this collaboration is to increase breast cancer awareness among young people. The proceeds will benefit KAB’s breast cancer support, education and prevention.

The art for the juniors styles was created by Rusty ambassador and athlete, Karlee Mackie. All of the juniors styles will be coming with a separate hang tag featuring a bio about Karlee and her endeavors.

The Keep A Breast Foundation is known for their tagline “I Love Boobies”. They were looking for a new tag line. In conversations about Rusty, we talked about the So RAD division and the idea came up…why not “Boobies are so RAD”. KAB loved it and may use it for the future!

Thank you to all of those involved in keeping as many boobies safe as possible. Thank you Greg Jones for letting us run wild in your car for this shoot.