I Love Bali: Jay Davies

Watch Jay Davies new clip from a recent trip to Bali. The air at 00:45 might make you smile. press play...

Surf Shop Challenge: Santa Cruz

The last stop of the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge hit Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA last weekend with Pacific Wave taking top honors and a trip to Bali for the National Championships. Rusty had a big presence at the Lane with a full demo fleet for the shop teams to test. With a delay in the start of the comp a majority of the shop teams took advantage of the opportunity and got their feet on the new Rusty Surfboards models.

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BALI B-SIDES with Josh kerr

BALI B-SIDES from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.


Get up on DOOMASRUMORS.com

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Nate is kind of ruling it in bali.

Bali High from Nathan Yeomans on Vimeo.

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John Maher and Rusty Surfboards: Bootlegged in Bali

A funny note from Rusty Surfboards team rider, John Maher:

Walking through the epicenter of Kuta, Bali, I saw myself on the cover of a DVD at a corner store. Then I saw it again, and again — so funny.

Turns out that all of the DVD vendors in Indonesia have it for sale. We were laughing our asses off with the Indos.

Pretty classic bootleg, because I am not a goofy-footer like the reversed picture on the cover, and I’m pretty sure the film is not “an important surfing and political statement” like the cover says!

Still haven’t watched the movie yet.

A couple days later I saw myself on a big poster outside of a restaurant on one of the busiest streets in crazy Kuta Beach. Don’t know where these guys are getting my photos, or why they are using them, but thought it was pretty funny.
- John Maher

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A clip featuring the rusty team in bali going looney on their single fins shaped by rusty preisendorfer.

Doomas Winter Round Innersection

Unfortunately it didn't make the cut but still a bunch of sick surfing

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Nate Yeomans Goes Bananas

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Rusty Rumble In The Jungle

Rusty Rumble In Da Jungle
Day One Highlights
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
April 28, 2011

Sanur Reef cranked out solid overhead swell on Day One of the Rusty Rumble In Da Jungle, progressing to the end of round 3.

Watch highlights like Rusty team riders Marlon Gerber Carving his way down the reef, and Made Awan scoring a perfect 10-point wave on the video link below.

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