BESIDES PT. 4 from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.

Check out Rusty team rider Josh Kerr and friends Adam Robertson, and Asher Pacey ripping through Australia in this edit titled BESIDES PT.4 by Matt Kleiner. The clips are comprised of extra footage from his feature film WAY OF THE OCEAN available on iTunes right now.

Some good footage to get you amped, enjoy!

Click here to visit iTunes and buy the full length movie

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We are now past the half way point on the world tour season. Currently sitting 8th in the world, here is a flash back to how Josh Kerr got things stated at Snapper Rocks placing equal 3rd.

JOSH KERR X SNAPPER ROCKS from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.

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K E R R & M A R G I E S

Some highlights from the Margaret River QS, Kerr gets a sneaky banga.

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J A Y + W Y A T T

Jay's brother, Wyatt Davies, has been making some real righteous flicks for the interwebs and housing them here on ELSEGOOD Productions' website. Well done Earp, and smooth sliding Jay! Enjoy.

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Bali Single Contest

Check out the dudes in Australia having too much fun in the Bali Single Contest...

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A damn fine time in Jay's backyard on eleven eleven eleven...

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Catching up With Nate Yeomans

What have you been up to these last few months?
Well, I’ve been on the road since February. Started off in Hawaii for that pipe contest, then I was off to Oz, New Zealand, Bali for the Rusty team shoot, Brazil, Lowers and I just came back from Portugal. Next stop, is Costa Rica to shoot some more surfing for Rusty’s Single Life?

Tell us a little bit about the Single Life?
It’s a surf movie that’s blending modern surfing on retro single fins. I’ve seen Kerr pull some mental maneuvers on a single fin.

Have any crazy stories from the road?
Yeah, I got one from Brazil. So I was just chillin’ drinking my acai drink and this lifeguard in a speedo body slams this kid, that looked like he was 16, right on his head like 5 feet from me. It was crazy cause the kid was bleeding but no one around even took a second look. Grom abuse!

Who have you been traveling around with?
Pat Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Dylan Graves, Austin Ware, Damien Hobgood, and Gabe Kling. Good fun on the road with those guys.

Any advice for the surfer trying to turn Pro?
Yeah, it's a dog eat dog contest mentality out there. If you think your gonna cruise through the comps, you'll learn really quick that it takes more to make it. So, learn from your losses and appreciate the wins.

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It’s Autumn

For more videos and pictures of Jay Davies visit his website

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Jay Davies: Gas Stop 1

Check out more clips from Jay here:

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Nate Yeomans Goes Bananas

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