K E R R ‘ S Pipe Run

Rusty team rider Josh Kerr finished 2nd place behind newly crowned World Champion Joel Parkinson at the Pipeline MastersBillabong Pipeline Masters and capped off the year ranked 8th on the World Tour.

It wasn’t an easy day at the office for Josh as he feared the worst after the Banzai Pipeline spat, hissed and threw him onto the reef in round four. Alarm bells rang for Kerr when he felt pins and needles thru his neck and shoulders and tingling fingers followed by a loss of movement down the left side of his body. Kerr with injury still won the heat and before his next heat being the 1/4 finals he was rushed to hospital for X-rays to see if any serious damage had been done to his neck.

"It was so scary", Kerr said. "It was like my whole left side was paralysed. I had pins and needles, tingles every where, it was insane. They told me I needed to get to hospital immediately and have an X-ray to make sure my neck wasn’t fractured".

Kerr returned to the beach in time for his 1/4 final and progressed to the semi's where he would end Kelly Slaters 12th World Title hopes.

The final could of gone either way but the newly crowned world champion Joel Parkinson was on a roll winning both a world title and the Pipe Masters in one day.

Congratulations Kerrzy on your 2nd place at the Pipeline Masters and your 8th place on the World Tour for 2012.

View Kerrs Pipe day here - vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com

Kerr going Backdoor

Going Backdoor. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerrzy getting worked on

Kerrzy getting worked on. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr - Pipeline

Pipeline. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr pitting. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Congrats Josh! Photo courtesy of the ASP

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Josh Kerr is on top of the World!

Photo: ASP Kirsten

Our main man, Josh Kerr, put on quite the stellar performance at the Bells Contest, battling his way to the quarterfinals to a neck and neck showdown with Slater. Slater narrowly edged him out, but the points Kerr earned from the event boosted him to the number one slot of the ASP Men’s World Ranking! His big finish at Bells also puts him at number 5 for the ASP World Title. Is there a World Title in Kerrzy’s future? Our magic eight ball says… “the outlook is probable”.

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Kongrats Kerr Party

Kerr qualified for the 2011 WCT, let's get loose at Zenbu in San Diego on Wednesday, December 15 from 7pm - 1am!

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Event Heads Up: WCT Snapper Rocks

February 26th - March 10th

The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast is the perfect ASP "Dream Tour" location. Warm water and white sand, sunshine and sun tans, people and parties, all combined with some of the best sand-bottom pointbreaks in the world, makes the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast the most eagerly anticipated of all events among both professional surfers and fans alike. This also marks team rider Nate Yeomans' first ever event on the WCT - Good Luck Nate!

Click here for live coverage which starts TODAY!

3/1 UPDATE: Nate is set to compete in his Round 2 Elimination heat which you can watch live by clicking here!


Photo: Brody

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Kerr Moves Through to Round 2 at the Billabong Pro Tahiti

Josh Kerr will face Fred Patacchia in Round Two at Teahupoo when the contest resumes...Let's go Kerzy!

In the mean time, check out Kerr's "Dream Tour" video clip...

Josh Kerr's "Dream Tour" - Watch more Funny Videos

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