#ourkind Episode 2. H A W A I I

Jay Davies Noa Dean & Josh Kerr being OUR KIND in HAWAII

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J A Y x H A W A I I

A pictorial look into Jay's Hawaii season.

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#ourkind Hawaii ep.1

Check out the first episode of the Rusty team in Hawaii this season, featuring Josh Kerr, Jay Davies, Noa Deane & Sam Orozco. Be prepared for a bit everything and nothing.........

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Corey Howell dominating the NSSA winning the Open Men's, Explorer Men's, Explorer Juniors, College Men's and College Team. One could say Corey had a good weekend.

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"It was one of those beautiful mornings with a clean north swell and light offshore winds," Josh Kerr said. "Pipe wasn't that good on that angle and Log Cabins had a few but they were kinda wobbly. I wanted to take the big board (7'0") out at Rockpile. I got some really fun ons…for a Rockpile day. It was somewhat user-friendly for Rockpile because there weren't the strong trades, but it's not a user-friendly wave, generally." Photo: Nicola Lugo (taken from Surfline).

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Kerr takes Pipe on the head.

Watch HERE

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