M A T T & K I M x R U S T Y


Last weekend to enter for our Grand Prize takes a new signed Rusty Surfcraft home after the Matt & Kim show. Good Luck. It's only rock n roll but we like it!

Our Matt & Kim x Rusty Speaker Fleece can be found exclusively at PACSUN dot com


Each year, SURFER Poll allows readers to cast their vote for their 10 favorite male and five favorite female athletes who will be honored during the exclusive awards ceremony at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu during the Triple Crown of Surfing. The voting window is now open and extends until October 31st for the 2012 SURFER Poll, a tradition recognized as the only awards in surfing that are completely decided by YOU.

With this being our Election year we hate to ask for you to vote for one more unlikely candidate. However Mr. Josh Kerr is the opposite of crooked and the onliest candidate that is NOT trying to rob you. Politics aside our boy has what it takes to keep our attention glued to the screens or the pages that he frequents. Wont ya put a vote in for our dude Josh Kerr. He would be your best friend...


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InstaWeek #october

P H O T O G R A P H Y ...

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Jay Davies and the Elephant

It’s always a good day when a fresh Jay Davies clip gallops into town. While two clips with Tame Impala tunes in one day (this one’s Elephant) is happy coincidence, the true hero of this digital short, shot and cut by Jay’s bro Wyatt, is the air at 0:36. Don’t look away.

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Punt of the Year September: VOTE NOW

After viewing each clip, vote for your favorite on the final slide. Readers' votes count for one third of the judging; Punt of the Year officials Jason Collins and Eric McHenry count for two thirds of the judging. The monthly winner takes home $500 and a chance to compete against the rest of the monthly winners for $10,000.

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#stokesme 2012: Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr wants you to help Rusty Surfboards with our fundraising and you could win a trip for two to Hawaii! Rusty is partnering with #StokesMe to raise $$ and awareness for charities like Life Rolls On, Keep A Breast Foundation, and SurfAid.
Donate Here: http://my.stokesme.org/rusty

Watch the video:

Matt And Kim Sweepstakes!

Rusty has joined forces with dance duo group, Matt & Kim, to launch a limited-edition "Speaker Fleece" next month. In the lead up to the product dropping on pacsun.com, we'd like to give you a chance to win a signed M&K RUSTY SURFBOARD and a PAIR OF TICKETS to an up coming Matt & Kim concert. ENTER HERE!

InstaWeek #october

Check out last week's iphone skills! Follow us @rusty_america

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Simon Lafranchi, Perth, WA

“Right from the start we planned to do it all by hand and not use any suppliers. We created everything from hand. Hand-dyed, hand-cut, hand-sewed, hand-stitched, hand-painted, handdetails. The main element which shined in our design was the fabric treatment. It’s a transfer process where you never really know the result you’ll get. We used our four-way dobby stretch fabric which is our performance fabric but we wanted to try and show it not looking so high-tech. We put it through a process of boiling, hand-painting, scrunching and saturating. Because the short was made local, we had to source materials local. A heavy-weight brass snap was sourced from a local boat shop.”

“I don’t think we could even price these trunks. That said, we could go down a limited-edition path, where we only make 200 trunks. We could dye the fabric locally and then construct it through our suppliers. Each trunk would come in a unique package and all would be one-of-a-kind through our hand-dyed treatment process. We would probably be looking at $150 apiece. Hoo! We could go down the avenue of mass-producing this trunk but its such a unique trunk it wouldn’t do it justice.”

“We were able to go through a design process without any real structure or limitations at all. It was a great way to work and build a lot of creative ideas which you don’t really get when you’re designing between retail and customer parameters.”

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We're three quarters the way through 2012 Punt of The Year. Check out our finalist so far.

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