Jay Davies and the Silver Fox

You won’t see the Silver Fox, but he’ll see you. Jay Davies sure scores good waves out there in the West of Australia. Consistently. And, he knows how to ride em. This isn’t your average edit but it’s entertaining, to say the least. Have at it.

the silver fox from Elsegoodproductions.com on Vimeo.

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Noa Deane New Zealand

This is by far some of the best surfing we have seen by Noa Deane. He is just going to town on the those poor wedges. Showing more then just his air game too, the turn at 1:18 was text book... Watch it for yourself

New Zealand from noa deane on Vimeo.

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My Style with Josh Kerr

Since midway through 2011 til, like, right now, Josh Kerr has become Stab’s must-watch man on WT webcasts. Why? ‘Cause he throws caution (and tail!) to the wind with panache and is one of the few competitors who has Kelly Slater shaking in his booties. Josh is the perfect balance of Australian modesty and grit (he’s from the Gold Coast) with Cali jib steeze (where he lives now). Though, those aren’t the only elements of a dazzling surfer. Read on for the other ingredients that make Josh’s surfing so great. For full story go to the source at stabmag.com!!!

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Brazilian flyboy ALAN FENDRICH sticks a mental variation to claim this month's victory. Watch HERE!

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Jay Davies Cover

Jay Davies scores the latest cover of European Surf magazine "CARVE".

This was shot from a trip Jay did to a secluded Indonesian Island earlier this year.

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Le Blorr

A few days ago Floria band Le Blorr came into Rusty to pick up some fresh gear and a couple new shred sleds!! They just happened to be in town to play in Irvine for the International Surf Day. Yeah guys thanks for the support!

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International Surfing Day

Josh Kerr will be LIVE with Cote at 9:25am this wed (International Surfing Day). The purpose for the web-a-thon is to raise funds and supporters through their annual International Surfing Day Membership Drive.

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Rusty Hawaii Board demo

Come out and try some boards! This is all happening on July 6th at Ala Moana Bowls in conjunction with the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge!

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R U S T Y x Nylon Guys

Check out Rusty featured in the July issue of Nylon Guys! ISLAND FEVER is part of Rusty's Fall 2012 Collection.

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If you were to compile a list of pro surfers with the weirdest haircuts, Noa Deane would be the yardstick. Look closely; it resembles the mushroom character from Super Mario Brothers. Rad. Weird. It’s certainly one of the most awesome manes to ever slide inside a Snapper Rocks chamber. When Noa’s not blowing fins at D- Bah you can find him tapping into the left-hand side of his brain getting creative with his 35mm camera, painting & drawing dinosaurs with crooked limbs.

she-nan-i-gan from noa deane on Vimeo.

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