Up until recently, Jay had spent two years limping between couches and surgeons’ tables trying to get the bone spurring in his left ankle – suffered while attempting a forehand gaff in Hawaii in ’09 – fixed. He feared his days surfing pain-free were over and doctors did little to allay those fears. But the arduous rehab routine he’s been forced to perform daily ever since is finally beginning to pay dividends, handsome ones too by the looks of this clip. The guy’s never surfed better, while injuries have been known to do wonders in the attitude adjustment area – just ask Dane. Judging by the high velocity awkward near-make at the 17 second mark Jay’s well and truly back in the human-wrecking-ball head space that reigned before the injury run.

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JOSH KERR – Billabong Pro, Rio 2012

Josh Kerr finished 3rd at this years Billabong Pro, Rio De Janerio. Check out Josh's heats and free surfing around the event.

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InstaHunt Hints


Find the Magnets at any of these locations, take a photo post @rustynorthamerica then show up at the Newport Surf Shop Challenge on June 1st to claim your prize!! Don't miss out on a chance at free RUSTY gear

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Josh Kerr Center Spread

Josh Kerr has been on a role lately. From making the Semifinal in Rio to getting a 10 page center fold in the latest SURFER magazine. All this work has surly payed off. Now Kerrzy is sitting in the number 3 spot as he goes into the Volcom Fiji Pro. He hopes to better his ranking and in a perfect world win the world title. If you haven't opened the new SURFER mag yet then take some time and look at what you are missing...

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We have 7 hidden magnets and 2-3 shots of each location, these shots will be posted through the week.
The person who finds the magnets has to bring them to the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge at 54th street on June 1st to claim their prize.
All magnet locations will be reviled at once via instagram & facebook. When getting closer to the event we can post additional photos to narrow down the search.

Prizes to win:
Hat, tee, woven, walkshort, boardshort, rashgaurd, and fleece.

We also have an 8th magnet! This one will be a surfboard give away.. Hurry up and find those magnets!

These are what the magnets look like!! Find and win!

Thalia Street Surf Bout

The Thalia Surf Bout is an event that Porter Hogan looks forward to every year. Porter gets to compete against his long time heroes like Jeff Booth and Hans Hagen. Mr.Hogan's strategy was to stick to the air and rely on his progressive surfing. The strategy worked and ended up making it to the final. For more Porter check out his blog

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A Little Slice of Noa

Bad weather, fun waves, four surfs and an amazing clip in the nuttiest of shells. Take a peek…

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Tristan Thompson wins Surfing Prime

Tristan Thompson won the Boys U16 Surfing Prime event in OBX. Check out the link Tristan will be featured on ESM’s “Who Da Guy” in one of the upcoming issues.
Super stoked for Tristan!

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Josh Kerr and Matt Kleiner at it again...Two sunny days around the Gold Coast. enjoy

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Punt of the M O N T H : M A Y

The May finalist are here and ready to be voted upon! Take your time watch each one then click on whoever you think deserves that 500 bucks! Watch here

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