Josh Kerrs pipe quiver, all Rusty "Slayer Models" ranging from 5'10 - 6'8.

zebras & hippos

Jay Davies and Damien Fahrenfort at J Bay making people smile

zebras & hippos from on Vimeo.

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Jay at Backdoor

Jay on Stab. Photograped by our near and dear Damon Hayes.

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elephants & giraffes

Jay Davies and Dooma in the Motherland {South Africa}

elephants & giraffes from on Vimeo.

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Hector Santamaria Jingle Bell ripping in Newport last week ps{this is 1 session}

Hector surfing Newport from Owen Curry on Vimeo.

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Jay Christenson Extends his lead in WSA

Young buck, Jay Christenson, took to the podium AGAIN at O-side over the weekend, further extending his lead in the WSA 16 and under division...

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Couch Surfing in Hawaii with Hunter

San Diego stand out, Hunter Lysaught, spent the last month and a half house hopping and couch surfing on the North Shore. Hunter doesn't care where he lies his head, as long as he gets a few waves under his feet...

photos: Paradise

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Shayne’s Two Cents: Jokerr

Shayne McIntyre is putting a grip of sleds to the test in the Caribbean, check our blog regularly for surfboard insight from Shayne...

6'3" Jokerr roundtail stock dims:
This wave is a slab that demands a midface hook under the lip requiring a shorter board for quick adjustments as you drop but still needing some thickness to paddle into a bigger wave...go for a bottom turn and game over...The Jokerr holds great in dicey but rewarding situations like this.

photo: Steve Fitzpatrick

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happy fR.iday

good vibes at rocky point

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p i n e a p p l e

nate yeomans making a good time at the wet water slide

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