Real men grow mustaches

Nate painted his freshly made sleds from Mr. Preisendorfer. See his Email below that was interwebbed to me from Hawaii, explaining his inspiration for this very fine, very meaningful paint job on his Hawaiin quiver.

"Ya boys
Here are a couple more photos. My thought on the flying jumping high kick is to write something likeĀ kick prostate cancer's ass. or "Real men grow mustaches for the month of Movember."

"Its something god blessed me with an exceptional talent of, growing facial hair. So Im all in. I started Moman's group and have a bunch of crew on board. The gudauskas boys, Sunny Garcia, Austin Ware, Matt Pagan, Hunter Lysaught, Mark Healy and a bunch of other legends. I lost my grandpa 2 years ago to Prostate cancer, so I have been drastically affected by the disease and now it puts me at a higher risk of developing it. To dedicate one month a year of my upper lip to bring awareness seems like the least I can do. It also is a great past time topic with the other men in the world with a little extra love on there face." -n8

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