DryDocked: Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

At Rusty we appreciate the occasional dose of classic jazz... Herb Alpert's musical accomplishments include five number one hits, twenty-eight albums on the Billboard charts, eight Grammy Awards, fourteen Platinum albums and fifteen Gold albums. Enjoy the following extremely rare video of Herb and his Tijuana Brass jamming on the beach taken from his 1967 "Singer" show...

For more cool ways to kill the time out of the water, check out Rusty Surfboards DryDocked blog.

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Josh Kerr is #6 in the world!
Surfing Magazine has put out a three part "Lightbox" series on their site called "Best of Three" focusing on the Kelly/Owen drama with the three finals in a row. However, at each event Kerr's surfing has been so progressive it would be hard not to feature him...

Kerr in Tahit

photo: Domenic Mosqueria

Kerr in New York

photo: Jimmicane

photo: Jimmicane

Kerr at Trestles

photo: Jimmicane

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The big guy interviewed on the interwebs by Surfline. 

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Jamie Sterling up for “XXL Ride of the Year”!

Are you freaking kidding me is right! Hellman, Jamie Sterling, casually threads the needle of a massive Cloudbreak cavern, earning him an entry for the "XXL Ride of the Year". Another level of madness...

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Coasting with Kerrzy

Josh Kerr and Asher Pacey sneak away for a few olas in the land of no return...
Thanks to the boys at
Surfing Magazine.

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Know Your Shaper: Rick Hamon

Rusty's right hand man, Rick Hamon, has been shaping with Rusty since pretty much the beginning. Learn a bit more about this master craftsman...
Click the image below to liston to Rick talk about his time as a shaper with Rusty Surfboards and watch a video clip of him shaping.

Date of Birth: July 27th, 1950

Home Town: Corpus Christi, Texas

Started Surfing: 1964

Started Shaping: 1966

Shaping with Rusty Since: 1988

Approx. # of Boards Shaped: 40,000+

Best Surf Trip: Mainland Mexico - 1969

Stance: Regular Foot

Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Machine Shop, Old Cars and Motorcycles

Favorite Type of Board to Shape: Anything but a six channel

Least Favorite Board to Shape: A six channel

Favorite Boards from the Past: Eggs

Favorite Wave in the World: A warm right point

Travels: Mainland Mexico, Central America, Carribean, Hawaii, Fiji, Japan

Future Travel Plans: Yes

Something Interesting: Perfecting the art of crashing on a mountain bike

Team Riders Shaped For: Jeff Booth, Shane Powell, Todd Chesser, Taylor Knox, Kalani Robb, Pat O’Connell, Hobgoods, Chris Ward, Flea, Kawika Stillwell, Kalani Chapman, Marlon Gerber, Nate Yeomans, and what’s his name...

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THE FIRST NORTHWEST SWELL OF THE SEASON GREETS THE CALIFORNIA COAST AND CLAY JOHNSON was treating himself to a good time up in his hood on the Central Coast. Peep more from SURFER here . Amaze shots by Burkard.

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Punt of the Month: Seth Moniz

Have you ever seen a 13 year old kid do a full rotation air reverse? I hadn't until I watched this clip... Give it a click.

This month's "Punt of the Month" on Surfline (presented by yours truly) goes to mega grom Seth Moniz.

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Jay Owns It in IB!

Over the weekend at the annual Wildcoast Dempsey/Holder Memorial held at Imperial Beach, young gun Jay Christenson took what was his... First Place. Congrats to the grom! Add another trophy to the mantle.

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Our dude has a plethera of nick-names. We are feeling this one. Nate Yeomans was dubbed NATE THE GREAT, by his very own hometown paper. We agree with you dudes!