Board of the Week: Slayer

The Slayer, by Rusty Surfboards, was designed to accommodate today's modern surfing, where massive barrels linked with full rail carves followed by progressive aerial assaults are no longer reserved for video games, but surfing of this caliber is actually quite common place. At Rusty Surfboards we realized that versatility is the name of the game, that is why we introduced the Slayer.

This board model is a true hybrid, blending the progression of a high performance thumb tail shortboard with the wave catching ability of a big wave gun. By dropping a few inches from your next one up, moving the the wide point forward of center by a few inches, and adding a wider, slightly fuller, nose it creates the ability to catch bigger waves with ease and without having to have so much board under your feet.

When asked to describe his favorite board, Josh Kerr beamed, “The Slayer goes really fast, turns on a dime, has a lot of flow… a really easy board to ride. It’s kind of what I need. Works great in the barrel too. Wide nose. Narrow Tail. It’s perfect!”

Just recently Kerr proved, once again, how well the Slayer works and why it is the first surfboard into his board bag every time he packs for a contest, a free surf, or a surf trip, with his heroic performance at the WCT Teahupoo event where he secured a career best 3rd place result. The waves for this event were, for the lack of a better term, insane, but Kerr kept his cool and showed everyone how it was done on his 6'0" and 6'2" Slayers- getting absolutely pitted and spit out time and time again.

However, the Slayer is not solely reserved to spending time in the tube, but it also helps you make the most out of a session with mediocre waves. The wider nose helps the Slayer act as a great groveling board when the waves are less than average without losing the capability for aggressive, vertical surfing. The back end of the board is designed like a high performance shortboard, so you can still get the speed and drive you are looking for and have the ability to turn on a dime.

Inch for inch, the Slayer is one of the best boards you can have in your quiver- hands down.

Click HERE to check out the all new Slayer Hot Site.

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