Rusty Del Mar Supports the 3rd Annual Surf Liberia Contest

The Annual Surf Liberia Contest is an event hosted by Robertsport Community Works in partnership with Surf Resource Network and this was the third year running the event. The event took place a few weeks ago in Liberia, West Africa and Rusty Del Mar stepped up to the plate and donated prizes for the winners, which goes a long way in a developing community. This year's event was quite groundbreaking and very exciting. There were 14 surfers in the Mens Division (16 years and up), 9 surfers in the all new Juniors Division (15 and under), and 6 local women competed in the Womens Division; this is the first time local women have competed and the first year the Juniors have had their own division!
Plus the competition drew a crowd of over 150 spectators, including local friends and families, ex-patriots from Monrovia, and even the Mayor showed up!

The competition was fierce... two time defending Liberian champion, Alfred Lomax, was present and looking for a hat trick. However, other Liberian surfers were hungry too. Stand outs from the day include Benjamin McCrumuda, Philip Banini, and Alphanso Appleton. But at the end of the day it was Monrovia's Peter Swen who took home the first place trophy in the Mens Division. Morris Gross claimed victory as the first ever Liberian Junior Champion and Irene Armstrong stood proud as the Liberian Womens Champion. Exciting times in West Africa.

Two Time Liberian Champion Alfred Lomax.  Photo: Fanzi ("Fanzi" is the nick name of Liberian photographer in training, Alphanso Appleton; he is involved with the Surf Resource Network Photography Project).

2011 Liberian Champion, Peter Swen, puts it on rail.  Photo: Brody

Armstrong Johnson picks his line.  Photo: Brody

The beach was packed with surfers and spectators.  Photo: Fanzi

Irene Armstrong charging on behalf of Liberian women.  Photo: Fanzi

Adama, George, and Elijah.  Photo: Brody

The event brought over 150 spectators to the beach!  Photo: Brody

Philip "Occhilupo" Banini.  Photo: Brody

Momo throwing it down in the Juniors Division.  Photo: Brody

Peter Swen chaired up the beach.  Photo: Fanzi

Text: Brody

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