Sacred Craft Goes Off!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Sacred Craft Surfboard Exhibition this weekend at the Del Mar Fair Grounds! The event was virtually an over-sized candy store for surfboard lovers... beautiful boards inspired from every decade were present and many boards were accompanied by dynamic airsprays that added an extra bit of uniqueness. Whether you wanted to check out the latest in high performance surfboard innovation, have a look at the retro throw back boards, or even gander at some hand planes, Sacred Craft had it all! Rusty Surfboards was present for the weekend in full force! The Rusty booth was equipped with various fan favorite boards from the past and a ton of our latest high performance models, defining the future. Have a look...

Sacred Craft Surfboard Exhibition

A variety of Rusty Surfboards models

More Rusty Surfboards... Including the "Dirty Bomb" and the "Vortex Converter"

The Rusty booth was packed!

picking out his next stick...

Custom stringer work on these boards, a Classic Rusty and an old school "Music" board (one of Rusty's previous labels)

A vintage Canyon Surfboard (another label that Rusty used to shape for before he started Rusty Surfboards)

Henry Hester's vintage asymmetrical... seems fitting to display this board since the expo was in honor of Carl Ekstrom (known for his asymmetrical designs)

Rusty Surfboards fan favorite... The Dirty Bomb

Jamie Sterling's Big Wave Gun

dream quiver

Photos and Text: Brody

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