Jake Halstead Introduces the All New Rusty Surfboards “Misfit” model

Rusty and Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jake Halstead, have been working together over the past six months to come up with a board that complements high performance surfing, is perfect for contests, and works well in any conditions from knee to head high+. The board has a little more area overall (compared to the Redline and other high performance shortboards)- not wider across the center but with the nose being filled out just a tad. The tail template is a bit reminiscent of boards from the mid 80s where there is a little bit of a bump between the fin area and has a full rounded squash. Relaxing the front end while really bending the back. Single concave. Real even flow on the rail line and thickness. Nice clean curves...

The "Misfit" Rusty Surfboards model is now available... get yours today!

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  • Rob August 4, 2011