Kylie Loveland Ends the Season with three 1st Place Finishes and a 2nd!

Young Kylie Loveland has been on a tear lately and she has no signs of slowing down... She ended the Season with the following mind-blowing results:

NSSA Explorer Girls Southwest Division: 1st Place
NSSA Explorer Women Southwest Division: 1st Place
NSSA Open Girls Southwest Division: 2nd Place
SSS San Diego Region: 1st Place

Kylie also has been plugging away on her all new website in between heats, please give it a look:

Here is a note from Kylie and her dad, Keith:

Two weekends ago, Kylie surfed the NSSA Western Regionals, and the SSS State Championships. The SSS, is the Scholastic Surf Series, which is where all middle school teams compete as a team, and individualy. Kylie surfed four heats that Sunday morning, and in the final, she finally caught a wave and scored a 9.2, receiving a 9.8 from one judge. She got a back-up wave of 7.2, then ran out of the water, tore off her jersey, and jumped in my car to race up to Huntington to make her Explorer Womens Final at NSSA. She got a 2nd in that final, and then got a 5th in Explorer Girls and a 3rd in Open Girls. She was exhausted at the end of the day, having surfed seven heats totaling over two hours. We found out late that afternoon, that she won the SSS final. Thanks for all your support!
-Keith and Kylie Loveland

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