Shayne goes Fins Free: Take 2

Shayne McIntyre is at it again!  This time he bribed Rusty Shaper, Hoy Runnels, to sculpt his take on a finless board that can be surfed beyond simply planing and holding a line.  This particle shape, deemed "The Pineapple Express" by Hoy, has a series of rigid and deep channels carved out of the bottom to create bite without relying on fins.  This design proved to be very promising... Shayne scored several long rights on the board's maiden voyage where he was not only flying down the line, but he was able to pump, do 360s, stall in the pocket, and even put the board on a rail.  Shayne plans to take these unique finless boards into waves with more consequence; make sure and check back on the Rusty blog to see the photos and footage to come...

photos: Brody

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