Shayne goes Fins Free! Part 1

photos and text: Brody

Shayne McIntrye has been riding alaia surfboards for the last several years and really enjoys the sensation of flying down the line without the drag created by fins.  Shayne's wheels have been turning lately and he didn't hesitate to get the Rusty shapers involved in this Hynd inspired fins free project.  Without much direction, Shayne introduced the idea to the Rusty Surfboards Shapers, Rick Hamon, Hoy Runnels, and Mike Russo, and let them run wild with the idea of building a board that can be surfed without fins.  This particular finless craft was designed and shaped by Hamon and is currently being researched and developed by Shayne.  The trial run was more than promising.  Stay tuned as Shayne and the Rusty Surfboards crew go fins free...

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  • Tony Vincent April 25, 2011