Shayne McIntyre’s New Shred Sled

Shayne McIntyre swung by the Rusty Surfboards factory to say hello and he was pleasantly surprised when he got handed his new 5'6" mini-Simmons inspired shape, which was completed early.  This sleek little shred sled, shaped by Hoy, has a classic twin fin set up, a real boxy tail, and it is obviously built to fly down the line.  Needless to say, Shayne was frothing at the mouth to get his new toy in the water!  Below are a few images from the trial run...

photos: Brody

4 Responses to “Shayne McIntyre’s New Shred Sled”

  • JohnnyG April 14, 2011

    This was at the shores?

  • Joel Shore April 14, 2011

    Did you try it in different size waves? Is there V or concave bottom? How thick? How does it paddle? Wow, barreled already!

  • Eos Masteri April 15, 2011

    Awesome pictures! I am soo jealous.

  • Shayne McIntyre April 18, 2011

    I've only tried it on waves waist-head, and yes there is some nice vee in it - about 2.6" thick, paddles great...Got the twin as I really enjoy the way they ride but the quad is a great choice as well. The main differences I noticed compared to my Rusty classic fish or Quattro is that this thing is more loose and a tad faster. More feedback when I get it into bigger surf.