Holly Beck Represents at the Surfing Hainan Open 2010

Check out Holly's test run to Hainan a few weeks ago before she came back to help organize the international competition...

Riyu Bay, located on the island of Hainan, China, hosted the third annual Surfing Hainan Open and this year's event was the largest thus far.

The Open competition was the brainchild of Sanya resident and founder of Surfing Hainan, Brendan Sheridan, who’s spent the last four years on the Chinese resort island.

The Californian runs China’s first surf shop and school -- Surfing Hainan -- and is excited by the increasing profile of the event which began as “a renegade competition on the beach with no approvals from anyone” in 2008.

The Surfing Hainan Open 2010 has come a long way from its ragtag roots. This year’s event was observed by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), the sport’s global governing body, which has expressed interest in deeper participation in future events.

In addition to the amateur enthusiasts who represent 14 nationalities, this year’s Surfing Hainan Open drew sponsorship from O’Neill and high-profile pros such as Aussies Mark Mathews (shortboard champ) and Rob Bain (longboard champ), as well as top female surfer and Rusty Surfboards team rider Holly Beck (United States) and the legendary Robert “Wingnut” Weaver (United States), star of Bruce Brown’s classic surf travel film "Endless Summer II" (1994).

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