Jamie Sterling Ventures Through the Midwest via Sea Plane

I just finished a week long adventure in the Midwest. I was flying all over the Great Lakes doing recon for a Red project called "New Wave". We utilized John Shoffner's Gunmen Albatross Red Bull branded Sea plane. I never knew the Great Lakes had waves. After flying  25.2hrs, and 3528 nautical miles I've come to the conclusion that the mid west has some nice setups for surfing. I've always been curious about the Great Lakes of North America. Some of the setups out on the vast Lakes looked like Tahitian reef passes. No the waves were not tubing like Teahupo'o but the water was crystal clear and the waves were rolling in with uniformity. We didn't expect to get waves on this trip. This first expedition purpose was to only look around and plot GPS coordinates. We did plenty of searching and scored a little out of season swell that I stand up paddled. The locals greeted us with open arms and welcomed us back anytime. The private flights on the Red Bull Albatross were mind blowing. Talk about a high end adventure. VIP….Thank you RED BULL!

I'll be coming back to the Great Lakes in the middle of winter on the next big Northeastern storm. Yes parts of the lake will be frozen and I'll be bundled up in snow gear. Why, because I live for the adventure and the water is fresh.

P.S. Water landing's rule! Its so smooth to land on a silky lake…John Shoffner thanks for flying the plane and making it a smooth flight!


Jamie Sterling

Amazing Photography by: Brian Nevins

One Response to “Jamie Sterling Ventures Through the Midwest via Sea Plane”

  • Alex November 11, 2010

    Any idea which lake Jamie is headed towards this winter? Would love to share some Superior waves with him!