Tak’s Tally

Take a look at Rick Takahashi's impressive statistics after another record breaking season in the South Western Conference of the NSSA:


-Tak made every Final in the Seniors Division

-Tak made every Final in the Masters Division

-Tak broke his own personal best record at 14 regular season wins

-Tak had a perfect season in Seniors (8 of 10 contest wins with two throw away events)

-Tak had a near perfect season in Masters (with only one second place factored into his season total)


Now Tak is off to Westerns followed by Nationals to put some icing on the cake...



Action Photos: James MacRunnel

2 Responses to “Tak’s Tally”

  • Rick Takahashi May 14, 2010

    Surfing photo by: James MacRunnel

  • Cleetus McQuann May 15, 2010

    Takahashi is the MAN!!