Jamie Sterling Helps Save the Waves with the Relief Efforts in Chile


Jamie at Lobos

While in Chile I was given the opportunity to help the people whose lives were interrupted from the huge 8.8 earthquake and tsunami that hit in February. I joined Save the Waves foundation down in the city of Constitution. This town was severely damaged and was a mess. It looked way worse then what we were seeing on the news back in the states. Quiksilver and Cliff Bar sent clothes and energy bars down to Chile and we distributed them to school kids, the Red Cross, and the police. It was nice to see the people still smiling after what they all are going through. My heart goes out to the People of Chile.

We even scored some good waves down near the city of Constitution. Small but fun little waves.




Destruction at sea level


Handing out Clif bars


Ramon Navarro surfing down south in the worst hit city by the tsunami, Constitucion.  At least Chile still  has its beautiful left tubes...


Make shift boat engine repair shop


This fisherman has been out of work for two months because he lost his motor to the tsunami


Ramon again, displaying local knowledge...


Jamie in the thick of it

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