Yeomans and Kerr Advance at Trestles

Day two of the Nike 6.0 Trestles event displayed a perfect South swell with A-frames coming in consistently throughout the day. Some of the world's best surfers have all gathered for this beloved event and the level of competition is through the roof. Every preliminary heat could have been a final based on the talent level. In the early part of the day we saw Nate Yeomans take the win in his heat and the later part of the day Josh Kerr cut loose to advance through to the next round.

Nate takes the cake...




Kerr takes his progressive new school surfing to the contest arena...




William Cardoso...



Jake Halstead...


Photos: Brody

One Response to “Yeomans and Kerr Advance at Trestles”

  • Jonathan M May 8, 2010

    Halstead almost hit that fox to his right.