The Mother Hips’ New Music Video Featuring Holly Beck

Check out Holly Beck's most recent adventure.... filming a music video for her favorite band, "The Mother Hips"

"Over the last few months, The Mother Hips have provided the soundtrack to all my adventures. Rock scrambling, shark diving, well-pumping, waterfall sliding, mountain bike riding, desert camping, California surfboard and skateboard riding.  Even between the peaks in the action, my adrenaline levels have been kept high with an incessant loop of Mother Hips tunes either played through headphones or sung out loud in the shower, in between duck dives, and while washing dishes. Over a career spanning 18 years, the Hips have recorded so many amazing tracks that there's plenty of variety to be able to listen constantly for months and still not get burnt out."

- Holly

Here's one more music video set to a Hips tune. This one I made myself with the help of my GoPro camera.

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