Jay Davies Shreds The Dwart

Jay Davies was spotted laying it down on his new Dwart! The double wing round tail makes it easy for Jay to go rail to rail and the stubby design help maximize his wave count.  The Dwart is very versatile and is great for getting critical on, under, or above the lip...






Photos: Brody

2 Responses to “Jay Davies Shreds The Dwart”

  • Hugo February 24, 2010


    I live in Portugal. I'm 80 Kg, 1,85 mt, 26 years old, surfing since 18 years old, mostly on weekends and some times (every time i have the chance) during the week.

    My surfing level is intermediate for Portuguese standards. I have the skils to perform tha basics of surfing.

    My quiver is:

    6'0'', 19-1/2; 2 1/2, quad fin, modern fish
    6'1'', 20 1/4, 2 3/4, twin keel, classic fish
    6'6'', 19 1/4, 2 3/4, round/thumb tail, all round
    7'2'',..., round pin, step up (that I don't use very often...When the waves ask for it, probably it is out of my league).

    I wan't to add a board to my quiver.

    I ask you what board would you recomend, to surf waist hight to overhead, normal power waves.

    I like boards that paddle well, and catching waves easly, but a board that will surf well, get good speed and manouvrability.

    I like to try carving with the power i can (considering my level - i´m not a pro...), and snap and off the lips.

    but especialy get speed and carve.

    I want an all round board, that hold a barreling wave at local beach breaks, but that steel have the speed in flater sections.

    i enjoy a lot surfing with fish surfboards. I like its carectaristics. But sometimes I want to draw tighter turns and more verticaly and the fish doesn't allow it so easy.But I don't enjoy normal performance boards because they don't paddle very well neither get easy speed. But I would like a board with good volume but performance rails
    Looking at your site, i´m thinking in the DWART

    Is it a small wave board or a performance allrounder?

    What size, weith, and thickness would you recomend? And what fins should I use? Please help me on this because local dealers don't know very much about this...

    Thank you for your help.

  • franco de tramontana March 9, 2010

    what fins is he using with the dwart?