FAQ: Can You Give Me Some Advice on Finding a Board for a Bigger Surfer?

Moby Fish

Big Cat

I'm interested in the Big Cat or Moby Fish. I was wondering what size you would recommend for a guy like me: 5' 8" and 200 lbs, maybe more with my wetsuit. I'm 57 years old and still in good shape because I snowboard, surf, and rollerblade. I have been surfing since 1965. Had a lot of boards. I want a board that paddles well, but still rides well. I was thinking Big Cat 8' x 23" x 3 1/4". You guys are the first site I've found that gets the idea about boards for a bigger guy. Typically, I have always had a problem with shapers that recommended a smaller board. Usually they were guys 135 to 150 lbs and couldn't relate to a bigger surfer.

Rusty's Answer:
The Moby is more of a small wave design with some range that will allow the rider to enjoy most conditions up to head high. This is a good design to contemplate if you want something other than a longboard for the small days. They paddle like a board a foot longer yet still retain the looseness of a board a little shorter.

The Big Cat is a much more versatile design. It is an update to the Desert Island with much more all around performance. A great candidate for the 5 fin convertible box setup.

PS: The shaper is big and he is 56 years young.

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2 Responses to “FAQ: Can You Give Me Some Advice on Finding a Board for a Bigger Surfer?”

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  • gaston September 2, 2011

    Hello Rusty.

    I've seen on surflines shapers bay a tool that is basically a round surform with a wooden handle. The other day I saw a vid of peter daniels with the same tool. I'm starting shaping channels so I was wondering if you could give me some info on that tool. Specially how does it hold the surform blade.
    Thanks a lot!