Introducing… Jay Christenson


13 year old Jay Christienson started riding Rusty Surfboards a few months ago and has been amping on his favorite board model - the Rusty Redline. However, he proved that is not the only board he can properly shred on because he recently won the 16 and Under division at the Rusty Boardhouse "Any-Board Challenge," where he surfed five different random boards over the course of nine heats.

"I love my family! Love Our Oceans and Respect Mother Nature."

Sponsors: Rusy Surfboards, Southcoast Windansea Surf Shop, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Headhunter, Hemp Hoodlamp, RVCA, Nixon, and Taco Surf

Contests: NSSA South West Conference ,Surfing America Prime, WSA, Sun Diego / Monster Energy Pro-Am Surf Series, Volcom Stone's Crustaceous Tour, Rusty/SD Summer Series, Ripcurl Grom Search, Occy Grom Comp, Revolt Summer Series, YMCA Surf Series, Windansea Menehuene, Sunset Cliffs Gromfest, Jetty Kids Kontest & LaJolla Shores Surf Assoc. Menehuene, MSA Classic, Wildcoast Dempsey Holder & The Rob Machado Experience

Other Hobbies: I play baseball for the Mission Bay Little League, silk-screen custom "T's" with artist and mentor Bryce @ Modele, and I skate everywhere I go - mostly cruisers, but I trick in parks too.

Click below to have a look at a video clip from Jay's NSSA double header this past weekend:


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