Board Tales with Bird: Rusty’s Personal Stick



"This is Rusty's personal board that I sold for him to a guy named Doug Jones. It is a board that he made for himself in the mid '90's. It is a full lengther, not giant though, about 9'0"... perfect for blacks and so forth. A lot of thickness as you would expect for the big man's board, running at 20 inches plus, three inches on the thickness, and fully dimensioned out to the rail, but again...the big man is big. I bought it because obviously it was his own personal board and it is just a really good representation of how Rusty can make boards for giants like himself and then scale them down to make boards for three year olds like my kid. He is so diverse in his shaping and he is so willing to do whatever somebody wants and then put his own personal Rusty flare to it. He is by far one of the most inspiring and influential shapers that I have ever worked with and I continually work with him today; I am honored to have the chance to do so. He is not only an excellent friend, but he is an all time shaper! This board is a piece of Rusty that I can have in my hand."

- Bird

One Response to “Board Tales with Bird: Rusty’s Personal Stick”

  • Greg C October 6, 2009

    Love the tour through local history, keep it coming!