Board Tales: Hamon vs. the Fishermen


"When I was a kid on the Gulf Coast of Texas the only real spots that you could surf were next to piers because the piers were the only places where the sand would form sand bars in the right way to surf. Unfortunately, the fisherman pretty much claimed the piers and the closer you would get the more angry they would get. So they started getting in the habit of casting at us; some of 'em would just throw led, some would throw led with hooks on it. Occasionally someone would get hit and and tension built up. One of the ways we would combat it is we devised a modification to the fin on our long boards. Essentially, we shaped a notch on the leading edge of the fin and foiled it really, really sharp so that as your riding the wave if you ran over a fishing line it would eventually cut the line and it worked pretty good! Usually when you run over a line you would hear it go 'bzzzzzz' and eventually it would go silent (when the line was cut). It took the fishermen a while to catch on and eventually they stopped casting at us and we stopped cutting their lines."

- Rick Hamon

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