Jamie O’Brien Charges the Wedge

It is no secret that the West Coast has been pummeled with swell the last few days and many infamous waves that lie dormant waiting for strong Souths came to life. Rusty's very own Jamie O'Brien is no stranger to danger and did not hesitate to put himself in the line of fire.  Featured below are a few timeless images, captured by Steindler, of JOB going for broke at the Wedge, SoCal's most punishing wave...



2 Responses to “Jamie O’Brien Charges the Wedge”

  • Sam P August 4, 2009

    One where he's not barrelled and one where he's going straight?

  • AB August 19, 2009

    looks like he chose a big day to learn to surf..!! straight or no barrel, it is still a sick wave and the second pic is even sicker