Jamie Sterling Located?


Jamie Sterling   Photo: Cuddy

Jamie Sterling returned from Tahiti after only a few short weeks, where he scored massive tubes before the WCT event began, and once again- he is off the charts chasing perfect waves.

A few clues to his whereabouts have trickled out through Tyler Cuddy's blog and it appears he may be in Chile for the time being; although you can never be too sure...

Cuddy is the photographer who is traveling with Sterling; the two traveled together in Tahiti and came back with some amazing images! Keep your eyes peeled for more of  Tyler Cuddy's photography and I am sure we will be seeing some more GoPro Camera images provided by Sterling himself!


Santiago, Chile   Photo: Cuddy

One Response to “Jamie Sterling Located?”

  • BLACK N WHITE PHOTO July 1, 2009

    with all the tyler cutty love, you'd think there'd be a photo of SURFING!!!!!!!!!