Board of the Week: Stand Up Paddle

I've been building surfboards for 40 years. A couple of years ago I got the paddle bug. I had not really considered pursuing the SUP business but I've been having so much fun and I have so many friends that have asked for boards...

I am really all about custom boards. These are 3 models to use as a basic guideline. They are all shaped and glassed in San Diego. Primary construction is EPS core and Epoxy glassing. I also do composite work including various veneer skins, as seen with the bamboo veneer and carbon rails on the Free Glide.

Turn around time on a custom? You'll be pleasantly surprised.

-Rusty Preisendorfer


Have a sneak peak at the SUP ad that will be featured in the next issue of Stand Up Paddle Magazine

Three Featured SUP Models::

Big Chill
(big yellow board)
12’ to 11’ 29.5 to 31 wide
4.25 to 4.5 thick
tail: Diamond or round square
fins: 2 x 1
for: Coastal cruising, flatwater,
larger surfers beginner to

Free Glide
(wood grain board)
10’ to 8’ 28 to 29 wide
3.85 to 4.15 thick
tail: Diamond, round square,
or swallow
fins: 2 x 1
for: high performance
wave riding

(mint green board)
11’ to 10’ 29 to 30 wide
4.15 to 4.35 thick
tail: Diamond or round square
fins: 2 x 1
for: “all terrain”, lighter
beginners, heavier surfers,
cross-country surfing

One Response to “Board of the Week: Stand Up Paddle”

  • scott harris January 10, 2011

    I don't know if Rusty really sees this but, if he does, I saw your double page ad in the new K10 Surfer issue. Wow that was really wrong. Please stop promoting little surf punks agro attitudes/acts towards SUP.