Takahashi Takes Two Titles!


Before this year's NSSA season started we took a few minutes to chat with Rick Takahashi (see "The Man With No Middle Name"), last year's Masters' Champion, and he claimed he was going to bring home two Championship titles this year... well, the man is true to his word and he brought home the NSSA Southwest Conference Masters (25+) and Seniors (35+) Championships!

The NSSA states that, "Rick Takahashi kicked up the heat in the Masters and Seniors categories this year, dominating the divisions with a major 14 win-record while handily collecting both conference titles."

Takahashi did not just sneak by with the titles, he destroyed the series in both divisions, leaving everyone points behind. In the Masters division Tak took home seven 1st places, two 2nds, and a 3rd- leaving him with a series point total of 12,450, 2,935 points ahead of second place!  For the Seniors division he took home seven 1sts, two 2nds, and an equal 7th- a series total of 12,134, 1,805 points ahead of the runner up! Tak only missed one final in two divisions all year!

Not to mention that, just for fun, Tak entered and won one of the Sun Diego Pro/Am Events; as if he had not surfed enough contests this year...

"I won both conferences and looking forward to Westerns next week. I'm not looking forward to nationals until I win the Westerns Cup..."

Congratulations Rick! No Mercy at Westerns and Nationals!


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